Services and Consultations



  • Pranic Healing

A spiritual and emotional healing treatment which works by cleansing the etheric body which surrounds us all, and can contribute to a feeling of wellbeing in those affected by physical and emotional ailments. One or a series of treatments may be needed to experience the full benefits; this will also depend on the severity of the condition and on the individual.

  • Pranic Healing Massage

A deep or light, relaxing massage; your choice covering the full body; or a beautifully relaxing reflexology treatment. I will manipulate the areas of tension to lift muscle heaviness leaving your physical body free from stress and weight. Incorporates energy healing.

  • Indian Head Massage

A vigorous head, neck and shoulder massage which will help to eliminate heaviness and will stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation to the head area. The treatment will leave you completely relaxed with a ‘head in the clouds’ feeling so you become emotionally, mentally and spiritually cleansed and refreshed.

  • Anti Ageing Luxury Facial

A cooling and refreshing facial using all pure, safe and plant active products that feed the skin you live in. We do not actually know how much of a product is absorbed into our skin but we do know some will because our skin does not filter toxins. This is the reason I use an ultra premium quality Swiss brand for overall longevity of your skin’s healthy appearance. The treatment includes a cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask and facial massage to rejuvenate dull and tired skin. You will leave glowing.

  • Reiki

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique which uses personal and earth energies to heal and realign the body and mind. Reiki promotes relaxation and reduces the effects of stress, while improving your body’s ability to heal itself. Many clients feel significant results after just a single session.

  •  Reflexology 

Small massage techniques to various parts of the foot, giving the body a full body massage through your feet. This treatment will rebalance the energy centres and uplift you. The technique helps to clear blockages and areas of tension so that the body can regulate itself more efficiently, the organs are stimulated to help rejuvenate and to promote an all-round feeling of refreshment.

  • Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses natural plant extracts and oils to improve emotional and physical wellbeing. When you come for an aromatherapy massage I will look at all the factors in your life to create a blend of oils designed specifically for you; or I have blends available to suit your mood if you would like to relax, refresh or invigorate.

  • Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle treatment which addresses body, mind and spirit together in a holistic approach. Most clients find it very comforting and often return for regular craniosacral therapy after their initial issue has been addressed, as they find it helps in dealing with the busy lives we have today.

  • Pregnancy Massage

A relaxing and beneficial massage for you and baby using a professional pregnancy couch which has a hole for bump and breasts, allowing you to lie comfortably on your front. I will focus on your main tension areas whether that be back, legs, feet, hands or head. This massage will ease the mind along with the body so you feel a sense of overwhelming calm.

  • Luxury Full Body Hot Stone Massage

A deeply relaxing and restoring massage. The stones and heat combined help to lift toxins, which can cause stress and negativity, out of your muscles. The comfort from the stones and heat help you drift in to a blissful state where the body will kick start its own natural healing mechanism. You will leave feeling out of this world!

  • Angel & Ancient Rune Readings

I have mastered the use of angel tarot cards and runes and can provide these techniques if the client so requires. Most readings have proved very enlightening for my clients.

  • Oils

100% Natural Aromatherapy oils are mixed individually for you depending on your condition or expected outcome from the treatment, which will be established during our consultation.

  • Make-Up Artist

Make up for weddings and all special occasions, with over 19 years of experience.

  • Events and Retreats

We now offer a number of events for both corporate and personal clients. These include in-office wellbeing sessions and treatments, relaxation classes every Thursday in Bourne End, and Yoga and Wellness Retreats. Please contact us for more information or to make a booking.


The Consultation Procedure

When you first come to see me, we’ll discuss not only your immediate symptoms and general health, but also your lifestyle, influences and emotions.

This is because, as I work holistically, I need to understand all the factors affecting you. To me they are essential information, and allow me to tailor a programme of treatment unique to you and your lifestyle.

It also gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have. Your questions are very important, not only for helping you feel comfortable with your unique treatment programme, but in establishing the relationship between us. When things happen in your life, no matter how small it may seem, your particular reaction to it provides me with extra information to ensure your treatment is correct. Like life, it is constantly under review.

Please Contact me for a discussion with no obligation. I can also do this by phone or Skype if you prefer.

I am based in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire and normally work within a 5 mile radius, however I am willing to travel outside this area for an extra charge of £40.

All clients are requested to fill in a medical and lifestyle form, which can be downloaded here.

My 1-2-1 treatments and consultations are £50 an hour or £90 for 2 hours.

Please contact me  and I will aim to get back to you within 48 hours.


Disclaimer:- Any services you take with The Rainbow Healing Hub are designed to be complementary to any medical treatments and advice you are currently taking. They should not be seen as replacing or as an alternative to seeking the advice of a clinically qualified person.