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    Welcome to The Rainbow Healing Hub, here I can direct you to the healing or treatment that will best suit you so let me know how I can help you by contacting me through the contact page. Happy to help in anyway that I can! I am here to serve and love to serve all beings.

    Pranic healing, well this is something to rave about. I am totally transformed and blown away by this incredible healing system. I have been a holistic therapist for almost 18 years now and have learnt so much. Not really knowing where this journey was taking me it has brought me to this incredible point. A pinnacle point in my life where I feel I can finally make a difference to someone’s life. I can help people improve their health. WOW! There is no better feeling than helping another fellow human being.

    On my training in Pranic I experienced phenomenal results with my own healing. This system that anyone can learn will heal you. Anyone trying to find a way to heal themselves must learn Pranic healing! The best way I can describe the way it made me feel was:

    You know when you are in the flow and nothing can touch you, you have no worries and you feel content and joyful to your core. Well that is how Pranic makes you feel after a treatment. If you don’t believe me then try it for yourself. It is the answer we are all in search of so hence why I am so passionately sharing this information with you. We are all on various journeys and at various stages of that journey so you may or may not get this. If this resonates then you are meant to be reading this and this blog will make its way to you somehow. It will change your life forever if you decide to do the training and self development on yourself.

    Ultimately that is why we are here to grow, learn, develop, evolve, gain confidence, rise high, increase our vibrational level, help others, empower and lead with passion. This course will open you up to more possibilities and push you to evolve even quicker so you can enjoy more of your life whilst you are here.

    This system can be done one to one with you or distantly if you are far away like even on the other side of the world! We will just need a photograph of the person being treated.

    I look forward to transforming more lives and helping you to help yourself better!

    I am offering an introductory price of £25 for a Pranic healing treatment that can last for anything between 45 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes depending on the individual. If you would like to book a one off treatment then please do contact me through the contact page and I will email you a consultation form  (or you can download it here) which I will need you to fill in and send back to me. I look forward to meeting you very soon!

    Much Love and light to you, Kate x

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